I was going through this old blog, trying to sort it out in case a potential employer stumbled onto it. And I realized that I never wrote about Paris. I don’t know why I never did that. I must have been really busy at the time and I forgot.


Anyway, I totally went to Paris. I went with Jeff Wise, who I’ve known since… I don’t know but  it feels like forever. And it may be the most romantic thing I have ever done (which isn’t saying much, as I am hardly a romantic person.)


I went to cool, old cemeteries, saw famous landmarks, and ate a huge amount of cheese. It was probably my best vacation so far. I really had a lot of fun. (And oddly, it turns out I remembered a lot more of 7th and 8th grade French class than I thought- because I started speaking French when I got there, even remembering how to say “My name is…” and “I have nothing to declare…” as I went through customs. )


Oh, and I can’t actually overt-state how good the food is. That is a cliche for a reason. Food in Paris is just better than everywhere else.


So yeah. Go to Paris. It’s awesome. But stay in the country and take the train in like we did, because it’s cheaper, safer, and nicer. Everyone I know that stayed in the city had a dreadful time because of the noise and the pick-pockets late at night. So pick a stop on the subway that’s about 30 minutes out of Paris, and ride in each day. (Or even spend a day in a small town eating pastries and having a picnic- because that was better than some of our days in the city.)


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